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Schedule an initial consultation to see what we can do for you.

At The Mueller Law Firm, we are dedicated to "Reaching for the Middle", as represented by our logo of four individuals encapsulated by a circle with arms outstretched towards the middle. "Reaching for the Middle" symbolizes the firm's commitment to searching for solutions during times of great adversity. 

You May Be Thinking...What Now?

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  • Maybe you have made the decision to end your marriage.

  • Maybe your spouse has told you they want to end your marriage.

  • Maybe you are wrestling with the decision about what to do with your marriage and need accurate legal information about your legal rights in a safe confidential setting.

What Should I Do?

  • Schedule an Initial Consultation now to meet with one of our attorneys!  Scheduling your appointment is a top priority for our office.  

  • The Mueller Law Firm offers legal expertise and guidance through the many faucets of North Carolina Family Law.  For information about your specific area or areas of concern, please review our list of services on the left and click on the topic(s) of your choice. 

Should I Tell My Spouse I Am Making An Initial Consultation Appointment?

  • No, probably not.  Your Initial Consultation should be confidential and known only to you and The Mueller Law Firm office.

Is There Anything I Should Avoid Doing Before My Initial Consultation Appointment?

  • Don’t sign any legal documents!  The Mueller Law Firm strongly recommends that you refrain from signing any legal documents until you review them with one of our attorneys or another board-certified specialist in the area of Family Law who represents you.

  • Don’t move out of the marital residence (unless domestic violence)!  The Mueller Law Firm strongly recommends that you continue to reside in the marital residence until you have met with one of our attorneys so you can be advised of the best course of legal action. 


Our Attorneys are Board Certified by the NC State Bar in Family Law. Over 50 years of Combined Legal Experience.

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