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Nancy Dickson


Her Experience

Nancy C. Dickson graduated in 1973 from The University of Delaware with a B.S. in Education, and has life skills that uniquely equip her to assist clients regarding every aspect of their case.


Ms. Dickson currently serves as a Client Relations Specialist and has utilized her paralegal skills for the law firm since 2003. Other work experiences include Office Manager for the pediatric dental office of Dr. John Pfefferle in Raleigh; Hospital Manager for Oberlin and
Glenwood Veterinary Hospitals; and Director of Children’s Ministry at Millbrook UMC.


Ms. Dickson enjoys serving her community both locally and globally. While working with Dr. Pfefferle, she and other staff members had the unique opportunity to travel with him to Russia and then to Belarus to provide dental care to orphans in Mogilev, the town closest to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site. Ms. Dickson has also taught citizenship classes for naturalized wives of service members and provided financial counseling for young service members
stationed abroad.

Closer to home, Ms. Dickson has been a church leader and a musician since high school. Her musical talents include playing piano and composing music, in addition to serving the children’s vocal and handbell choirs at Raleigh’s Millbrook United Methodist Church. She has sung in chancel choirs since 1965 and sings with the “Pure Joy” quartet here in Raleigh. She continues to hold leadership positions in the United Women of Faith organization. Ms. Dickson is active in the local Emmaus community.

The mother of three grown children, who are graduates of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, and the University of Cincinnati, Ms. Dickson enjoys the heated A.C.C. rivalry which ensues when her family gathers together. She has an unabashed love of animals, gardening, music and writing poetry. And she enthusiastically embraces the title of “Nana” for five amazing grandchildren. You may contact Ms. Dickson at

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